Summer is the time for Cosplay!

I’ve been really lazy recently about updating this blog. It could be that I’ve been really busy with this costume I’m working on, or I just haven’t really felt like writing. When I’m not cutting out pieces of Pepakura armor that I’m making, I’m working on making cosplay videos. I am working on a second armor tutorial for cosplayers who want to learn how to make paper armor. I’ve also filmed most of my reviews of cosplay documentaries. The quality of the video is going to drastically improve because I will no longer be using my webcam. The next “season” of Adventures in Cosplay will be posted, hopefully, in the next week. 

This League of Legends cosplay has been a completely new experience. I’ve learned a lot about wig dying and styling. Making dreads using a cheap synthetic wig was a new experience. With all the washing of the dreads, I lost a lot of color. Next time, if I ever have to do this again, I would probably find a way that doesn’t involve locking creme wax. I’m hoping to create one of those iconic cosplays, but there is a lot of competition out there. Take a look at some of these awesome cosplays!



I’m striving to make the best cosplay I have ever made. This is a very difficult cosplay, because it involves pretty much all the elements needed for costuming. I have to sew, mold and cast armor, style the wig, dye the wig, work with leather, work with body paint and makeup, and painting pieces of the costume. This costume will showcase all of my skills, and I hope it will be competition worthy. I’m not sure exactly which convention I will be wearing this costume to. It will probably be somewhere in the Midwest.  Right now, we have a basic concept for our skit, but we need two more people to play two summoners on the stage. 


There is another mini-project that I am hoping to pursue. I really want to make a Poro plushie. I thought they were extremely adorable, especially in the reveal animation for Braum. I’m also working on ideas for another project I might pursue in the future. I really want to make cosplay items to sell at conventions and online. I have a couple ideas, but I need money in order to make money.


I don’t know when the next blog post will be published, but I’m going to try doing these more regularly.